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Season Two


Season One, which brought to you an exclusive selection of silent and pre-code films, was a daring and original project - expect no less from Season Two. We have selected ten thrilling and fantabulous films which are not being shown anywhere else. If Season One was bold, Season Two is bolder! 
"Around the World in the 80swill bring to Dublin a selection of jaw-droppingly beautiful and quirky movies from all the corners of the Earth (we are family!), all of which were made in the most 'colourful' decade since the roaring 1920s. Shoulder pads, prawn cocktails, and discoteques, yes, but also a solid gay movement, a golden age of alternative art and culture, global eco-activism, serious sex, and the big bang of the women's movement. The Village People, yes, but also Patti Smith and Derek Jarman. Around the world, in the eighties, gay people began to organize on an unprecedented scale. Some of them even managed to make mature, challenging, unorthodox, and stylish films, talking about gay lives while also bringing in other issues (family, poverty, growing up, growing old, loosing it all, friends, the workplace, creativity, madness).
'Around the World in the 80s' - what a trip!

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