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List of films


monthly screenings 
saturday at 2:30 pm
doors open at 2:00 pm
come early and join us in the foyer for free tea, coffee, and biscuits

Important Notice: 
Our schedule is subject to change due to availability from Film Distributors

=adaptation of Mad in Pursuit, a volume from the autobiography of Violette leduc, published in 1970=

12 November 2016: 'Satyricon' (Dir. Federico Fellini, 1969)
=adaptation of Satyricona novel by Petronius, written in the year 65= 

=adaptation of the film Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf , of 1966= 

=adaptation of the novel Loaded, by Christos Tsiolkas, of 1995=

=adaptation of the novel Quicksand, by Junichirō  Tanizaki, serialised in 1928-30=

=adaptation of the novel The Miracle of the Rose, by Jean Genet, of 1946=

=adaptation of the biographical novel Rare and Commonplace Flowers, by Carme Oliveira, of 2001= 

=inspired by the short story "The Chrysanthemum Vow", by Ueda Akinari, of 1776=

=adaptation of the novel The Fish Child, by Lucia Puenzo, of 2004=

=adaptation of the three plays in Torch Song Trilogy, by Harvey Fierstein, of 1978, 1979, 1981=