A Very Natural Thing. 21 December 2013. 2:30 pm

Dir. Christopher Larkin, 1974
Starring: Robert McLane, Curt Gareth 

What could be more natural than abandoning the monastery where you’ve spent the last few years (yes, as a monk), in order to join the brotherhood of the gay underground, with their anonymous orgies, and their --oh so Seventies-- ban on long term committed relationships?  This film is an essay on monogamy versus poligamy --- a very entertaining essay. Our protagonist starts out by yearning for the contentment of domesticity, and by becoming jealous and untrusting in love. Soon, he will discover what it feels like to be policed by your beloved, and to have your affection poisoned by rules. It’s been a difficult journey, and he is now ready to make up his mind. What makes more sense, exclusive relationships or open relationships? Commitment, or freedom? Is it possible to let go of all your fears and concentrate on being happy right now? Can two people be together, laugh and play together, without promises or demands? Can two people be together without becoming one? Hey, this is the Seventies, you know the answer. 

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