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>Art Posters!

If our new Film Season "Burning the Closet: After Stonewall/the 1970s" wasnt special enough, we are going to have the luxury of a very special artistic collaboration this season. The photographer, painter, collage maestro, and general creative genius Christopher Jones --a regular Film Qlubber-- will be designing a series of exclusive posters for each of our films this season!!

The films of the 1970s have many things in common. For example, they embrace experimentation on every front --in the storyline, in the love scenes, and in their visuals! It is therefore very fitting that Christopher Jones will be bringing his exhilarating, striking, thoughtful, and unique approach to images... to our posters.

Prepare yourself for 10 exclusive posters displaying intelligence, beauty, and humour. See for yourself -- Here is the poster for our season opener, the wonderful LGBTQ documentary "Word is Out" (1977).

There was a time when one of the codes used by queer people to recognize each other was... 'I am a friend of Dorothy' ... Christopher Jones' "Word is Out" poster takes a fresh look at them days, not from a distance, but as part of an ongoing conversation...