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Season Eight


kicks off on Saturday 28th Oct 2017!!

For the first time, all legal discrimination of LGBT people has now been abolished in Ireland. There is much to do still, socially and culturally, but discriminatory laws are the symbolic and material equivalent of a great wall.

Meanwhile today, in 2017, homosexuality is illegal in 72 countries, legally punishable by death in 13, subject to life imprisonment in 12 countries, and 7-15 years imprisonment in 55 more. A terror of non-conforming gender roles is at the core of homophobia, and the oppression of women continues, while transgendered, intersex, and transexual people are still being corralled, ‘corrected’, and punished.


…queers all over the world are fighting back. And they are making powerful, beautiful films, sharp as blades, clear as banners, warm as fires, in order to document, celebrate, and inspire resistance.

Come and learn what our sisters and brothers are facing across the world. Come and see how they are fighting back, hurling their films at the mighty rampaging giant of homophobia. Come and see what happens before Goliath falls.  


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