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How to join

to join the Film Qlub, simply come over to our next screening
and let us know at the door that you want to become a member
(for different types of membership, see below)
you can pay your membership fees there and then
and we will issue you with a membership card on the day
if you have any queries please send us a line to:
Please note:  The Film Qlub is a not-for-profit community group run by volunteers. Membership fees go towards the payment of screening permissions, copyright clearance, the films themselves, hiring of venue and equipment, publicity, and other related running-costs
DAY-MEMBERSHIP/TICKET IS ONLY AVAILABLE at the Theatre Borx Office, half an hour before each scheening.
fFULL-MEMBERSHIP (see below for details) IS ONLY AVAILABLE at the beginning of each season, in October. Special Discount Membership is available in September.

Types of membership
We have the following levels of membership

Grand Membership : Members can attend all sessions for a fee of €60/€30, waged/unwaged.

Circle Membership : Members can attend any 5 sessions of their choice for a fee of €35.

Day Membership: Members can attend a session for a fee of €8, and you can either pre-book by email or show up on the day.

Benefits of membership

  • Guaranteed seat, no need to book
  • Saving of 25% on the Season
  • Supporting a worthy cause and helping increase the variety of LGBTQ activities in Dublin
  • Watching great films which are lesser known
  • Having your say in open discussions after each screening
  • Viewing an exclusively designed film-programme, including some Irish premieres
  • Learning more about LGBTQ art and history
  • Participating in a vibrant social group